When you subscribe, we send you our selections before the game, event or season.  We specialize in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL playoffs, and horse racing from Saratoga Race Course and other major horse racing events.
When you acquire "shares," like a "stock," or "fund" we invest in our plays for you here in Nevada.  We specialize in futures, team and player propositions, and last-minute plays where information changes rapidly.
Master Strategy Investments [MSI] is a unique, first-ever website offering SELECTIONS, "STOCK SHARES," and SYNDICATE investment opportunities in sporting events.  Any investments in our services will be made under agreement and all offers are made legally
​here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We are NOT a gambling website.
When you invest with us, we act as a proxy or "broker," allowing you to partner in our entries in NFL contests, horse-racing Pick 6's, and handicapping tournaments, and with our player(s) in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
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"Where you don't bet...we invest."

Subscriptions are per sport, per season, and sent prior to the game, event or season.  You may choose from 5 offers:

-NFL & NCAA College Football
-NBA & NCAA Basketball
-MLB Baseball
-NHL Hockey
-Saratoga Flats Horse Racing
& Triple Crown & Breeders Cup

NOTE:  NFL Football and NCAA college football selections are sent via Internet, weekly, for the regular season and playoffs. 

MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey are sent during the playoffs and only during the season when a superior selection exists.

The Saratoga racing season lasts 40 days in late July, August and early September; selections are sent via the Internet before the days card and in some cases
immediately before the race.


"Stock Shares" are offered for the listed "share" price which is posted throughout the site.  "Stock Shares" is where our investment team does not “bet” your money, as we are NOT a gambling site, bookmaker, or actual stock broker.  What we do is profitably, simply and legally allow you to invest with us and in our plays here in Nevada.

Once the investment or play commences, we inform you what play(s) you have. And like a "stock," the "share" price or "fund" goes up when we win; then, during our preset schedule, or when you request it, we will send your "dividend."

We typically invest in:

-NFL & NCAA College Football
-NBA & NCAA Basketball
-MLB Baseball
-NHL Hockey
-Saratoga Horse Racing
-Triple Crown and Breeder's Cup
-Auto Racing


We are a "broker," proxy or partner for your entry into profitable and prestigious contests and handicapping tournaments from Las Vegas.

Contests and tournaments may vary and you will be sent updates and information as the events progress.

Our schedule of contests may vary depending on the sportsbook location and type; but we specialize in both straight-up and pointspread contests in the following sports:

-NFL and NCAA Football weekly and season-long.

We also specialize in tournaments including:

-Horse Racing and NTRA World Series of Handicapping.
-The World Series of Poker.
-The World Poker Tour.

      "Stock" Price: