In sports and horse racing, we offer you our winning teams, plays, and horses in a standard subscription selection service.
In sports, our strategists and investors  offer you "shares," like a "stock," in our winning plays, futures, propositions and sporting event investments.
Master Strategy Investments [M.S.I] offers 3 unique ways to profit in the sports wagering world by offering the chance and opportunity to invest in our SELECTIONS, "STOCK SHARES," AND SYNDICATES. 

Let our world-class and famed professionals invest in winning games, teams, players, futures, contests and winners for you.
"Where you don't bet...we invest."
In sports, horse racing, and poker; we offer you the chance to partner and invest with us in a slew of contests and tournaments paying millions of dollars for a minimal investment.
Click above video to see secretive Billy Walters, the world's foremost professional handicapper and gambler, featured in a segment on CBS’ “60 Minutes”.

Billy is a respected but reclusive Las Vegas living legend.  With his winnings and investments, he owns car dealerships, golf courses and a $20,000,000 private jet.

"...I have seen many risky investments on Wall Street, but my team and I, we have never had a losing season."

                                                            -Billy Walters
Click above video to see how in this age, information and knowledge are power. Thus, Master Strategy Investments features Anthony Best as its premiere strategist.

With Billy unavailable; watch the savant-like Anthony in this edition of "The Gambler" from Las Vegas.

NOTE: For reasons of privacy and discretion, Anthony Best chooses to remain anonymous.

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