NOTE: For reasons of privacy and discretion, Anthony Best chooses to remain anonymous.
"Where you don't bet...we invest."

In Las Vegas, where gambling legends live and die; and many a good man has lost his fortune and many a bad man bilked one; one man has stood the test of time when it comes to winning and gaming as a professional gambler…he is “The Gambler.”

"The Gambler" chronicles the day-to-day true life of Anthony Best; one of the world’s foremost professional gamblers. With a passionate charm, Einstein-mind, and the street smarts of a Wall Street trader; "The Gambler" reveals the secrets and successes of seasons of wins and (much fewer) losses playing a wide variety of games, races, and tourneys in this unique never-before-seen reality program.

In his mini-mansion’s “war room,” where multiple TV’s and computer screens look like a cross between Elvis’ living room and a casino sports book; "The Gambler" normally does not look like your stereotypical overweight Italian wearing a fashionable sweat suit and gold chains; or a mogul wearing a Hugo Boss suit, slick shoes, and hair-mousse; but rather a hard-working, competitive, ex-jock with the gift of gab and gambling (or as he constantly proclaims, "investing").

Season-to-season, "The Gambler" invests thousands of dollars playing “parlays” and “prop bets” in sports like football, basketball, and baseball; in addition to playing “exactas” and “trifectas” at the horse track; and going “all-in” with a “full-house” at a poker tourney. In fact, "The Gambler" knowledgeably and insightfully invests on the very same games the general public and fans watch so passionately and fanatically; tragically, many of them can only dream of riches and glory by placing a bet in “Lost Wages,” or online, or with their bookie or buddy; only to end up defeated and broke in the end.

Perhaps with his trusty, energetically-entertaining, "right-hand" man; or his show-girl-looking “bet runner,” or comedic crony and a wide variety of industry and phone friends; "The Gambler" is willing to “bet the house” that Americans will tune-in to see at least one lifestyle of a rich and famous person who has profited as a professional gambler (sports investor).
"The Gambler" Reality TV show chronicles the day-to-day life of one of the world's foremost professional gamblers.


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