Q: What is a Selection?
A: Any team, player or investment opportunity we analyze and then offer you the play and analysis. 
Q: What is a "Stock Share"?
A: Proportional ownership of our investment plays or "fund" and relative to the balance of your account.

Master Strategy Investments [MSI] is a unique, first-ever website offering SELECTIONS, "STOCK SHARES," and SYNDICATE investment opportunities in sporting events.  Because we are a unique combination of three different services; you will likely have questions.  We trust we have answered many of them here.
Q: What is a Syndicate?
A: A partnership or group of investors all pooling their financial resources and partnering in our
FREE and/or paid contests.
.Frequently Asked Questions
"Where you don't bet...we invest."
Q: What selections are your best?
A: We are best in the NFL, poker [especially online at www.WSOP.com in Nevada and New Jersey], NCAA football and basketball, the NBA playoffs, and horse-racing.

Q: What plays does that include?
A: That includes daily or weekly plays; futures and props; especially season-long investments to win the Super Bowl, NFC and AFC, and the Divisions.  We also specialize in a teams over/under season wins total.

Q: When do you inform me of these plays?
A: After you sign-up, we will send you our best plays sometime before the game or event begins.

Q: If I don't invest in your "Stock Shares" or Syndicates; where do you suggest I bet these games online?
A: The only place, if you are a US citizen, to bet legally, is in Nevada.  This is why mostly Nevada residents
acquire our selections.  But if you reside outside Nevada, the only way to play is by acquiring "stock" from us whereby we make the selections and invest your money for you.

Q:Do you have any other options for betting online if I live outside the US?
A: Yes, you may use any legal site outside of the US and contact us via email for more details.

Q: Why is this website and your services the soundest way to invest?
A: While the economy and Wall Street may go up and down; Las Vegas is thriving and there are always millions and billions of dollars being wagered by losing players.

Q: I know how the player profits, but how does the website profit?
A: On our Selection Service we profit from the flat fee based on our superior knowledge and expertise. In some cases, we also profit as a referrer if you use our recommended off-shore sportsbook, in which case you receive an added bonus for your deposit with them.

If you acquire "Stock Shares," we deduct a 10% donation fee (deducted from the amount you win), to cover our overhead. And we guarantee  that percentage will never increase during the life of this site and our services.

If you partner with our syndicate and we act as your broker for a week-long, or season-long contest, or tournament plays; there is an added 10% commission at the time of the transaction/entry where the partnership is $100 or more (please see SIGN-UP page). In weekly contests, with official contest entry fees of $100, we may retain one of the bonus “free” entries into the selfsame contest. And in both the weekly and season-long contests; when you win a cash or prize award, we will deduct 10% of any gross prize winnings.

In all cases, because we are essentially a sports selection service, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and not a gambling site; we only charge flat-fees, and deduct, or add-on donations or commissions; we do not charge a vigorish or fees to place a bet, unlike offshore gambling sites.

Fact is: no other website offers such a service and a phenomenal chance to profit and win thousands, tens-of-thousands, hundreds-of-thousands, or a million dollars for such a minimal investment!

Q: Do I receive any documentation covering my use of your services?
A: Yes. Your signing up online is a legal agreement. Plus, when you submit your payment via e-mail, it
is considered an added declaration of an agreement between us. And lastly, we will forward you a written agreement, via Microsoft Word, to the email address you signed with.

Q: These three offers seem like an interesting way of not betting but investing and even marketing, is that so?
A: Yes and yes. We simply offer a legal selection service, as you can find advertised anywhere online and in print.  We don’t wager for you; we legally invest in plays and contests in Nevada; and yes, the offers are just a way to market or advertise the services. It’s not unlike if you were an online poker player and you joined Club WPT and played poker for free, online, in the United States, and simply won prizes or a share of prizes for your subscription or entry into the club. And the offers are brought to you exclusively from this Nevada office.

Q: Where do I acquire your selections and/or services?
A: You can click here:
Order Page

Q: Are you an actually licensed company offering stock?
A: No.  That is terminology we use for marketing and advertising.  We are an outlet or avenue for you to invest in our plays and selections.
In turn, your "stock" in our investments hopefully grows and as we invest and re-invest our/your winnings, we will send you, your "share" of the winnings upon your request, like a dividend.

Q: Give me other reasons I should safely invest with you?
A: Like Fantasy Sports, we found a loophole in the law which allows us  to invest for you as long as we MAKE the selections and don't TAKE yours. In addition, one of our developers is a trustworthy, retired CEO of a publicly-traded company.

Q: How much money can I make? 
A: A single winning play will net you a 90% R.O.I.  We often have plays at 2-1 or 3-1 which is almost a 300% return and may grow exponentially!

Q: How do I know what "shares" are outstanding and their worth?
A: We may post the “stock” price and the value of your “share” on the website and you may well even see a “ticker” with the "share" value scrolling by just like you would on Wall Street; or we e-mail you after you sign with us here: Order Page
Q: How and when may I withdrawal?
A: Bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly we will send your dividend.  If you don't request it; we will roll it over and continue to invest till you do.

Q: What makes this form of investing so popular?
A: First of all, you don’t have to take time and study or learn how to pick winners or profit. Secondly, you don’t even have to bother with calling or receiving our selections every week. All you need to do is invest and profit, and then we inform you immediately after kick-off and in some cases (if you want to watch your investment) before the game of who you/we have invested in.

Q: What makes this form of investing so thrilling?
A: First of all, you will be thrilled and surprised to know what game(s) you are investing and have “action” in; and secondly, you will be thrilled to know what team you are investing in.

Q: Why does this unique style of investing help me emotionally to successfully profit?
A: Because we invest unemotionally in all profitable games, investments and teams; not just your hometown or favorites; whereby you may wrongly play them based on feelings. If we happen to invest against your hometown or favorite team; you win financially too spite your feelings.  If you feel like you lost emotionally; well, at least you won financially!  If we happen to invest in your hometown or favorite team; well, you win with your feelings and financially! Our goal is for you to “win-win”; both feel like a winner and have the funds to show for it.

Q: What types of investments do you make whereby you don’t just pick a game versus the posted line?
A: We specialize in investments and plays you don’t normally know, and this affords us diversity and flexibility to help you profit.  Here's examples…

-Season-long futures selections to win the Super Bowl, Conferences, Divisions and total games won or lost per team.
-Half-times (1st Halfs and 2nd Halfs).
-Last minute plays against the spread (using our access to inside pointspread information and knowledge).

Q: What makes my investment in your service so secure?
A: Our investments are made legally in sportsbooks, in Nevada; the Wall Street of sports wagering and not overseas or on the neighborhood corner or with a friend. There
are no risky investments with offshore accounts or your local bookmaker; each of which is actually illegal and if you are an online poker or sports player, you will know that off-shore sites close rapidly.  In addition, our analysts use there skills at predicting with sound money management.

Q: Why is this a good short and long-term way to invest?
A: Because we “have never had a losing season” as you can hear fellow pro, Billy (Mr. Walters), say the same during his “60 Minutes” interview:
Q: What is a “Syndicate Partnership?”
A: We are a sort-of broker or proxy for your/our entry into profitable and prestigious contests from our Las Vegas office. Where else can you invest with a group or have a share for as little as $100 (or free) and win your share of $1,000, per week, and $10,000 for the season, without having to pick against a pointspread?

Q: Why have I never had this kind of opportunity before?
A: Because this is the first website to offer this to the public, something like an “IPO” or “Initial Public Offering.”

Q: Name a reason why this type of service or subscription profits me more than if I just bet games?
A: We know your investment in our service and our investment in contests is lucrative because in most cases there is no “house advantage” or vigorish (from 10%, to 15%, to 20% or more on your investment). And in some cases, the “house” or contest pays a guaranteed amount; meaning, there may only be 100 people entered for $150, yet, the prize pool may be a guaranteed $25,000! That’s an added $10,000 for you to share in!

Q: How do I know how much of, or the value of, my “Partnership” in a contest and my payout?
A: This information will be posted or e-mailed to you before and/or after every contest and you get a dividend statement or update sent to you.

Q: What’s the main difference if I sign-up for the pointspread contests or the straight-Up contests?
A: Good question. We are actually best in the pointspread contests and the prize pools and prestige are much greater; while the straight-up contests may result in a better W-L record, they usually have more players.  However, there are some progressive contests which are highly lucrative.

Q: What is the expected value of my partnering in a syndicate with you by season’s end?
A: Well, for the $110 and $550 Syndicate Partnership we are investing for a share of an estimated total of $600,000! And in another contest, an estimated share of $1,000,000!

Q: How many Syndicate Partnerships do you expect to have outstanding?
A: The more partners we have means the greater the value of your investment because it affords us the opportunity for multiple entries.

Q: In other words, what will my percentage be if you don’t have a lot of partners?
A: Well then, there will be fewer entries, but you will retain a greater share or percentage of whatever the winnings. And again, all such information will be sent to you before and after each contest.

Q: When do I receive my dividend payment if I partner in the contest?
A: These dividends are awarded when the contests conclude.  More info is found on the Order Page.

Q: Have you ever won a contest like this before?
A: Yes, we were 4-for-4. We had 3 entries in our first effort overseas and came 1st, 2nd and 3rd, with prize totals of $25,000 for first place; $15,000 for second place; and $5,000 for third place. However, the US government made such overseas Internet sites illegal and we did not collect our $45,000 even with such a minimal investment.

Q: What was the result of your first entry in a Las Vegas contest?
A: In our first entry in a Las Vegas contest, we won the prestigious and profitable, season-long, world-wide, pointspread contest with the premiere pointspread service in the world, the Las Vegas-based Don Best Sports (www.donbest.com).

Q: What was your record in the pointspread contest last year?
A: The record in the 5-star games that won us the contest was 13-4 or 76%!

NOTE: Don Best Sports does not have a contest scheduled this season; so we won the final one; but just as the closing of poker sites increased the attendance at the World Series of Poker.  This year; Las Vegas sportsbooks are increasing the payouts in their contests. That means more profits for you!

Q: With that record, what would I have profited if you had this service last season?
A: If you were to simply invest $98 in our service with our “Master Strategy Investments”; you would have profited $842.80 and at an average of playing 3 such games per week; for $98 you would have profited: $2,528.40 for the season.

Q: How does that mean you would do in the contests this season?
A: Well, being that newcomers to the Westgate Sportsbook contest have won the last few seasons; and we (and potentially you) look to compete this season; our record would have been 65-20.   That is basically good enough
to win every year.

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